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Sometimes I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. Obvious things about Alpharetta’s restaurants sometimes don’t jump right out at me. That happened here at the Corner Deli. It took many visits to this neat little restaurant before I picked up on everything. The walls of this joint are covered in sports stuff. It’s mostly SEC and ACC football, a little bit of the NFL, some NASCAR, Braves baseball, etc. Sure, no big deal. A lot of restaurants decorate like this, right? But pay attention. That vintage poster of a football player leaping over another guy? The newspaper clippings about an Atlanta-area high school football star going to at Alabama? The old professional football contract. That’s not junk they bought off eBay. It’s Mel Siegel, the older gentleman running the cash register. Scattered amongst a hodge podge collection of sports memorabilia is a story of a local legend. It was hard for me to pick up, but it’s there. And it’s something even the AJC barely mentioned when they reviewed this place two years ago.

I appreciate the character of this joint and the family that runs it. They are super nice folks. If I find myself in downtown Alpharetta during my lunch hour, most times I’ll eat here. So let’s talk about the food. This is a restaurant after all.

To be honest, the sandwiches here are not going to win any awards. I’m not saying that to be ugly, it’s just that Alpharetta has some outstanding sandwich shops that crank out some truly inventive sandwiches. You’re not going to find that here. They make the stuff you’d make at home. The chicken salad is my go-to meal here on most days. You won’t find crazy ingredients like cranberries or walnuts. It’s straight up chicken salad with salt and pepper, maybe some garlic and finely shredded chicken. On a croissant it is terrific. I also like the brisket sandwich. They make their own brisket and serve it french dip style, with au jus for dipping. I also like the matzo ball soup on cold days. If you’re into breakfast, they serve it all day. I suggest the french toast.

They have a nice outdoor seating area that feels like a European street side eatery. Yet Corner Deli’s outdoor eating has gone to the dogs! They are very dog friendly here. They’ve got water dishes for Rover and free dog biscuits. This is by far the most dog friendly restaurant in Alpharetta.

If you haven’t tried this friendly little family-run sandwich joint, you owe it to yourself to visit. If you’re an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, they have an entire corner for you to sit and worship.

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3 Responses to “The Corner Deli – Alpharetta”

  1. Dustin November 19, 2010 at 1:41 pm #

    Love this joint!

  2. Not a Fan of Corner Deli November 22, 2010 at 8:00 am #

    I’m sorry, but even though the couple that run Corner Deli seem nice, this place is the very definition of “greasy spoon.” The few times we’ve gone, we came out of there smelling like grease! Plus, unless they’ve changed their viewing habits, they keep Fox News on in their establishment, which I can’t stand. It’s their right to put whatever channel on in their own place of business, but it’s also my right to not frequent places that show that particular channel.


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