Thanksgiving in Alpharetta

Here in the burbs we spend a lot of time and energy complaining. We gripe about traffic, cubicle life, Fulton County government, and MARTA. We complain about who gets to sit on citizen boards. We complain about people of unusual faiths trying to expand their worship facilities. Some of us even complain about what news channels the TVs are tuned to in restaurants. In Milton, a place I like to satirize on a regular basis, they complain about cell phone towers, gas stations and sewer systems.

But at the end of the day, we are extraordinarily blessed to live here. Alpharetta is a terrific place to live, with amazing opportunities for ourselves and our children. Take a moment to consider this on Thanksgiving.

Also take a moment this year to think of those less fortunate in north Fulton. Yesterday’s Appen newspaper featured an article about some homeless people who live in a small tent community… right here in Alpharetta. It’s a heartbreaking story that no one else is covering. It hit me hard to learn of this kind of thing in my community. If you feel called to do so, please support a local charity this season. I suggest North Fulton Community Charities or the Drake House (which was mentioned in this article).

And to my blog readers, have a happy Thanksgiving.

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