California Dreaming – Duluth

With apologies to The Mamas and the Papas…

All the food is bland

but the salad’s okay

I went to Gwinnett

on a winter’s day

The food was safe and boring

tastes nothing like L.A.

California Dreaming

it’s like Ruby Tuesday!

Looked at the menu

you could search all day

you’ll find no avocados

yet I decided to stay

They have steaks and pasta

But no fish tacos today

California Dreaming

looks like Ruby Tuesday!

They give you too much food

You’ll be too full to play

Dinner was very expensive

I didn’t want to pay

It’s like other food in the suburb

You’ll want to leave today

California Dreaming

Just like Ruby Tuesday

California Dreaming

I’d rather eat at Subway

California Dreaming

It’s like Ruby Tuesday!

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