Alpharetta’s 10 Year Plan Survey

You’ve gotta love consultants.

The City of Alpharetta is working on a 10-year economic development plan. I suppose things like this are somewhat normal in every organization. Our church just went through one a few years ago. And just like the city, we employed a consultant or two in the process. I’m always leery when these jokers are invited to participate. I’m sure they will produce a few colorful graphs that’ll look good on a powerpoint.

Nevertheless, the consultant has created an online survey! The public is invited to answer the questions which will be used to shape the plan. If you’re looking for a cure for your insomnia, this might be up your alley. Or if you’re a local blogger who writes about issues like suburban life and rootless relos, it is a goldmine of blog fodder.

I’ve submitted my answers already. Well, I submitted answers to the questions that require only a click. The city asked several questions with free-form text answers. I’m not about to write an essay on their survey site… not when I can be painfully verbose here in my little blog, right? And like a lot of surveys, the creator is leading the participants toward several themes. The ones I see are:

So I’ll make these topics of a little series of posts in the following weeks. In general I think the questions in this survey are interesting yet also show a general lack of knowledge of our community. Did I mention a consultant was involved? Okay, good, just checking. Stay tuned. Next post is about jobs.

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