New/Closed Restaurants – September 2010

Every Friday, Roots in Alpharetta features an article on food and dining in a series I like to call Foodie Friday.

Can you hear that? That faint humming sound? That’s the sound of dozens of soft-serve yogurt machines. They’re invading the burbs. Frozen yogurt is taking over the world, one strip mall at a time. So I hereby dedicate this month’s new restaurant post to yogurt. Please let this crazy fad come to an end soon. If you know of any other new or recently closed restaurants, leave a comment or e-mail me at

Yogli Mogli, Yoforia and Arctic Brain Freeze

The Yogli Mogli location on Windward is super popular right now. Not to lose the momentum, they are set to open two more locations. The first is near the Avenue Forsyth and the second at State Bridge and Kimball Bridge. Yoforia is opening a location in Johns Creek. This article suggests that it will be their biggest location to date and will also be self-serve.

And finally, also ripping off the self-serve idea is Arctic Brain Freeze. They recently opened up in the sprawling Target shopping center in Milton. The selection is about the same as Yogli yet they offer more toppings. They have a better outdoor seating area as well.

‘Cue – Cumming

The uber-popular barbecue joint in Milton is opening a second location in Cumming. They will be on GA-20 about a mile east of GA-400. This is a smart move as I think this part of Cumming can support more barbecue. I wish them the best. In the meantime, check out my review of their Milton location.

Bada Bing Wings – Closed

Really sad to report on this closure. My family liked going to this little wing joint, but they’re gone. If you’re looking for Alex, the super-friendly former owner… he’s over at Scratch Fresh burgers in Milton.

Tom & Trav’s Gourmet To Go – Alpharetta

I don’t know much about this new joint. Looks like a small sandwich and corporate catering operation on Hembree Road in Alpharetta. The menu on their website looks sparse, but it might be worth a shot.

Field Good sold to Bite Atlanta

This small little restaurant/bakery/catering outfit near Webb Bridge has been sold to Bite Atlanta. I’d heard that this might be in the works but was confirmed recently in this blog post from the broker behind the deal.

Bobby G’s – Milton

Their new location in Milton opened last week. They’ve been building out for a few weeks now. Look for them on Highway 9 at Webb Road in the Aldi shopping center.

Mambo Jambo – Windward

They also opened last week in the space formerly occupied by Mad Italian. I tried them yesterday for lunch. My review is coming soon in this space.

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  1. Ed Selby:

    I do like ‘Cue, but I think their new location choice sucks. East on 20 off of 400 is a traffic nightmare, making the place suitable only for people who are already in that area. It is a shame they went that “far” on 20 since the old Pappy Red’s location right at 20 & 400 is sitting empty, and it is already fitted for a BBQ joint.

    I was unaware of Bada Bing Wings, but I quickly became a fan of Scratch. Their burgers are top-notch!

    So another attempt at Cuban on Windward? I really hope this one survives, but the three most important points of a new business are location, location, location! If McAllister’s AND Mad Italian (both exactly what the cubicle crowd crave) failed in that location, I don’t think Mambo Jambo has much of a chance at surviving. Add into that the fact that Bongo (?), another Cuban style place in the same strip with 5 Guys and Chipotle recently died – and they had a better location and more reasonable prices.

    You aren’t the only one paying attention to the food scene up here. ;)

  2. Amy @ Atlanta With Kid:

    Also recently opened in Cumming for another self-serve frozen yogurt is Menchies.

  3. Lee:

    @Amy – Yeah, forgot about those guys. There is another yogurt place in south Forsyth at Old Atlanta and Windmere/Mathis. I forget the name but I drove by it recently.

    @Ed – You make some good points. GA20 is now four lanes to past the new Cue location, but I’m sure traffic stinks. A location closer to Market Place would have been better for sure. I don’t know about Pappy Red’s spot. A converted Shoney’s if I remember correctly. Might have taken a lot of buildout to make it fit the ‘Cue style.

    I’ll admit that Mambo Jambo’s location is a poor one. But I don’t think location was to blame for Mad Italian’s doom. It was just bad, no other way to put it.

    Bongo was going for a lower-end feel, quick serve kind of deal with entrees served in bowls. MJ is certainly on the higher end. I also think Bongo was run by some inexperienced restaurateurs. Can’t confirm, just kinda had a feeling after going once or twice.

  4. Jason:

    Is the owner of Scratch the former owner of Bada Bing Wings? Scratch has some great food and service.

  5. Lee:

    After talking to Alex the other day, I wasn’t clear on that, if he had an ownership stake in Scratch. He very well may, I’m just not sure. But I think it is safe to say that he’s one of the managers of the joint now. This will be a VERY good thing for Scratch. He is a personable guy who gives top notch service. I’ve gotten to know him a little over the past few years. Super fella.

  6. Travis Allen:

    Agree with everyone on Scratch, great food, awesome service.

    Just to point out, I believe Joe’s Crabshack at Northpoint recently closed…oh well

  7. Jonathan:

    Seafood Basket is a recently opened Alpharetta restaurant that everyone should avoid. The food is good; however, Matthew, the only server is rude and extremely disgusting. In addition, the restaurant engages in deceptive pricing and refuses to honor posted prices on the special board and in the menu. Stay away unless you want a $15 lunch when you expect to pay $10.

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