Scratch Fresh – Burgers, Biscuits and Shakes

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I believe we are on the tail end of this burger craze. For the sake of my cholesterol, I certainly hope we are. But in the meantime, let’s add yet another custom burger shop to the mix.

Scratch Fresh quietly opened up about a month ago. I say quietly because they literally hung a banner sign and started cooking. They have a website with no content, have performed no marketing that I’m aware of and have almost no reviews online. Nevertheless, they have a terrific location and people are finding them. For lunch last Saturday they had a decent crowd.

It is easy to compare Scratch to Five Guys. They cook a hand made burger on a flattop griddle. You add toppings like you would at Five Guys and the prices are similar. They deviate from Five Guys in that their menu is more broad and the toppings more numerous.

But let’s get to the burgers, shall we? I enjoyed my Scratch burger a lot. It was perfectly cooked with a little singe on the outside, yet was juicy and flavorful. Is it the best burger in Alpharetta? I wouldn’t go that far. Is it better than Five Guys? Oh hell yes. The Windward location of Five Guys is pretty shitty anyway. This place would be a terrific alternative. Anyway, I promise not to mention Five Guys anymore.

This appears to be a family-run operation; the service is friendly and attentive. They are also very kid/family friendly. My kids enjoyed the chalk boards in the back of the store. They laughed and laughed while getting covered in chalk dust.

There are several things I believe Scratch can improve on. Among those are:

Fresh cut fries – They serve frozen fries. But to give them credit, they were cooked perfectly with a nice golden brown crisp on the outside. To remain competitive I think they need fresh cut spuds on the menu. Even, um, the other place on Windward does this.

Pepsi – I don’t tolerate Pepsi products. Really disgusting. I know it probably costs more to offer Coke, but this is metro Atlanta. Shame shame! Although their lemonade is very tasty.

Milkshakes – I tried one of the hand-spun shakes and it was pretty good. I’d suggest they hide the food service containers of shake flavors. They line a wall and look kinda tacky. It diminishes the experience a bit, taking it from a hand-spun shake down to something I’d expect from McDonalds. They also serve a cinnamon roll dessert which my wife didn’t care for at all.

All in all, Scratch is probably my favorite mid-grade burger joint in North Fulton. They offer a friendly environment that is welcoming to kids and a more diverse burger menu.

Scratch Fresh is located on Highway 9 near Windward, across from Walmart near Meyers Deli.

12872 Alpharetta Hwy 9 Ste 110

Alpharetta GA 30004
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3 Responses to “Scratch Fresh – Burgers, Biscuits and Shakes”

  1. Terrell January 3, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

    Gonna have to try Scratch; 5G’s fills a niche when I need a good burger, if they can be topped I wanna try!

    I personally, being a transplant from the north, like Pepsi more than Coke. Yes, I can be blindfolded and tell you whether I am being served Coke, Pepsi, RC, etc. from the taste. Personal preference, but to each his own.

    Would like to see some of your thoughts re Jim-N-Nick’s and other Q joints. I measure my Q joints not by the sauce, since trying different ones is worth the effort, but by how well they do brisket!

    Agree totally on *fresh* fries straight from the tater!

  2. Lee January 3, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    Thanks for the comment, Terrell. I should write an update to this review. I go to Scratch fairly often now. The Pepsi fountain is gone in favor of a new Coke machine, thanks be to God.

    I’ve reviewed most of the Q joints in town including Jim N Nicks. Search the site, you’ll find ‘em!

  3. Joe Roddy March 10, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

    I have been to scratch many times now, and LOVE IT! It is a breath of freash air in a sea of junk food garbage pits on every freakin corner. Also, you always get the impression that they are deli ghted to see anyone & everyone who walks through they’re door! Love It!

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