Alpharetta’s Visitors Bureau and the Getaway Giveaway

I’m a fan of the Alpharetta Convention and Visitors Bureau. I also think they have an amazingly difficult job. Their mission is basically to make Alpharetta a place people want to visit. Yes, that’s a tough mission… and no I’m not being sarcastic. There are plenty of cool things to do around here, many of which I’ve blogged about. I think it’s a difficult job because of the stereotypes surrounding our city. People think Alpharetta is just a mall and a bunch of chain restaurants. Overcoming that stigma is a challenge.

So in a way I’m like these guys… except I don’t have a board of directors, or a welcome center, or cool vacation giveaway contests. Who am I fooling; I’m not in the same league as these guys.

Ah, but the vacation giveaways! Yesterday the Alpharetta CVB announced the winner of their spring promotional getaway giveaway. Their press release reads like something out of the showcase showdown on The Price is Right. I pictured one of Barker’s Beauties standing in front of an Alpharetta hotel, holding a stack of gift cards. Her arms would stretch wide to reveal a picnic basket, Alpharetta t-shirt and bottled water. All this could be yours, if the price is right! Or would you rather bid on the other showcase?

So I didn’t win the spring getaway giveaway. I’d be curious to know if the winner, who is from Michigan, will make the trek down here to claim his booty. But I’ll bet you a $25 Sweet Tomatoes gift card that I’ll be entering the August promotion! Wish me luck!

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  1. Really? June 24, 2010 at 11:10 am #

    Let’s be honest. Really. I like living here but who in the world would drive more than 1 hour to vacation or spend free time in Alpharetta?

    Places like Alpharetta are a dime a dozen all over the country. To visit, anyway. Why drive over an hour for that?


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