Social Networking and Alpharetta’s Restaurants

This is a goldmine of information to a restaurant owner. You know exactly who is coming and who is there the most. It creates competition among your customers to see who can visit your place the most. Restaurants should be all over this like white on rice. How can you encourage it more? Offer specials with these services. Better yet, offer the user with the most visits (called the ‘mayor’ on Foursquare) with a SWEET deal. The idea here is that you want people competing for this offer, trying to oust the mayor by visiting your place more often.

This is huge and almost no one around here is taking advantage of it as far as I know. The only place that comes close is the convenience store chain Racetrac. They offer a special for each check-in at their stores.

Again, I think most restaurants in Alpharetta are failing when it comes to the free marketing available on the various social networking sites. I’d have to say Dutch Monkey Doughnuts is the only place doing things right. They seem to have a clear social networking game plan and it is working. They have over a thousand fans on Facebook alone. Kudos to you guys!

If you know of a restaurant with a cool social networking presence, let me know!

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  1. Bob Strader:

    Lee, some local places doing a good job with SM on twitter are @elementcoffeeco and @sipwineandtapas in crabapple. Also @bistroVG in Roswell.

  2. YankeeChef:

    I’m glad you mentioned this, Lee. I have to admit, I have not been proactive with my fan page on facebook, etc. for my restaurant. This post inspired me to do so! Thank you.

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