I Can’t Drive 85

The new year marks the start of the Super Speeder Law. If you’re like me, you didn’t know anything about this until Governor Sonny Perdue appeared on the radio. In his Gomer Pyle-like voice, Perdue outlined the terms of the new law. Going 85 mph will tack on an additional $200 fine. This is on top of whatever fine the local municipality hits you with. The bill will come in the mail from the state at some point after the ticket.

The Alpharetta Autobahn

This law is of particular interest to those of us traveling on GA-400 everyday. Finding drivers going 85 mph on 400 is commonplace. This is especially true in Sandy Springs and Roswell, between exits 5 and 7. I welcome the new deterrence to driving this fast.

“He’s in Pieces”

If you need an example of why this law is needed, check out this gruesome example. A little more than a year ago, someone managed to get their Hyundai Sante Fe up to about 120 mph on GA-400. Fortunately he missed everyone else, taking only himself out of the gene pool in dramatic fashion.

Okay, I shouldn’t make fun of this fella’s misfortune. But my family travels on GA-400 everyday. The fewer drivers like this guy on the road the better.

Will the law make a difference? Hard to tell. My father used to say that only swift and certain punishment will make someone change their ways. But the threat of an extra $200 may not make a difference to someone living in an affluent burb. I suppose if it eliminates just one catastrophe on GA-400 then it’s all worth it. I just don’t expect the insane driving on this road to end anytime soon.

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