No, that’s not my salary. Apparently it is for some around here. This is the median household income in the city of Alpharetta. To call Alpharetta an affluent suburb is an understatement. Here you’ll find gated country clubs too numerous to name. You’ll find the homes of Atlanta’s professional sports athletes. And in years past, you’d even catch glimpses of has-been 80’s musicians.

Alpharetta is what I call an affluent, high-tech burb. Scattered amongst the strip malls you’ll find offices for banks, medical device makers, software startups, and telecommunications firms. Inside are thousands and thousands of high paid college educated professionals slaving away in the fabric covered boxes.

Living and raising a family here gives me a different perspective. It is that perspective I hope this blog captures. The mix of money and technology make Alpharetta unique. I hope to chronicle this in the coming months and years. Hopefully my posts will be a creative mix of not just Alpharetta-specific themes, but of life in general in burbs like mine.

Many curse the suburbs. They wind up here by accident and dream of escape! We become the punchline of jokes; the poster child for chain restaurants with screaming toddlers. It is probably hard to believe, but this is where I want to be. This is where I’ve chosen to lay the roots of my young family. Hopefully that root will grow ever deeper. I invite you to follow along.

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